Source Code Software is a world-class, family run bespoke software company. We are experts at helping businesses to supercharge their productivity and gain a strong competitive edge.

We offer the highest quality solutions with a people-focused relationship. We add value through understanding the business needs of our clients and offer creative suggestions. We offer great value which will bring a massive return on investment.

Our tools are robust, comprehensive, well-built, secure and fast. We solve real problems and make people’s lives easier.

We believe in honest and open communication, critical thinking, quality, raising the standards, and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

We’re proud to have built a team of skilled and dedicated UK-based software developers. We’re a UK-based team that work from Bristol with customers in London and all over the UK.

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Kris is the founder & managing director of Source Code Software. He started his first software business in 2013, was a business analyst for Intel and has been programming since age 14.

Kris is a rare breed of computer geek who loves to socialise and meet new people.

Skills include: business analysis, .NET development, database management, project management & heaps more.

Interests include: Tabletop & video gaming, rock-climbing & gym training

Fun fact: Kris makes his own kimchi and is obsessed with fermented foods.



Samantha is married to Kris and joined the team in 2018 to help with business growth.

Samantha loves to inspire and educate people and is passionate about ethics.

Skills include: Content marketing, communication, business & project planning & loads more.

Interests include: Yoga, tabletop gaming, drawing, painting, ethics & sustainability.

Fun fact: Samantha is a master baker and used to run a cake business.


People approach us with a variety of challenges: You may be using off-the-shelf software that just isn’t right for you. Maybe you’re still using desktop software and feel worried about future-proofing, security, GDPR compliance, and access to up to date information. You may worry about moving your important data from your old system to a new one. Or you may have a new business idea that you want to bring to life. We provide innovative solutions to all of these challenges.

Many tech companies focus on blindly writing software without identifying the business’ long term vision. Our priority is to understand our customers’ ultimate goals and work with you to develop your ideal solution. It’s important to us to focus our time and resources only on things that improve your sales, productivity or customer experience.

We only use highly skilled UK-based developers – this means there are no language barriers, and we are fully accessible during business hours. As a customer you’re guaranteed the highest quality development with consultation and advice forming an integral part of the development process.

We’re committed to providing massive value and making every customer feel loved. Our customers are made to feel at ease as we ensure you’re involved in all stages of the development process. This is due to our regular communication with you which is always open and clear, and free from jargon.

We question what is possible with the technology that’s available and push the limits to help our customers. Most importantly, we promise an enjoyable and pleasant experience rather than a stressful and daunting one.